“Chairman NAB Scandal” – A Truth or Fabrication?


The chairman of National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan Javed Iqbal is in hot water these days as he faced an allegation of harassing a woman. A few days earlier, audio has been released on a local News channel name News One in which Chairman NAB gets caught red-handed having a purported conversation with a woman in his office. It was a phone conversation between a Chairman NAB Javed Iqbal and a woman identified as Tayyaba Gul and he can be heard making exotic conversation with the woman which also went viral on social media.

Later, News One on aired another news in which they clarify that the NAB Chairman’s news was not accurate and they need more time to clarify plus they discontinued on airing the audio and video. Which might be the pressure of anyone or they might actually felt guilty.

On the other side, NAB has rejected the allegation and claims that it is the clear effort of fabricating the news and a false attempt of Javed Iqbal’s character assassination. The reasons for fabricating such incident are that Chairman is reviewing the corruption cases of several politicians in a transparent way and they have planned to attack in this way.

NAB released a statement that “This is work of a group of a blackmailer, who want to tarnish the reputation of NAB and its chairman. Disregarding all the pressure and blackmailing, NAB has not only arrested two members of the group but also approved a reference against them.”

Moreover, the women Tayyaba Gul and his husband Farooq Nool have been found accused in 39 cases in blackmailing and now FIR registered against Farooq and Tayyaba.

However, NAB gives the details in its press release that Farooq Nool is already in Kot lakhpat jail in blackmailing and kidnapping cases. NAB stated that News One channel also issued an apology to Chairman NAB and no actions have been taken place against the channel. This news has been fabricated to destroy the image of this institution and further investigation will be made to get the real culprit.

Despite the NAB statement and allegations, social media is on fire regarding this issue and several memes and jokes have been made against Chairman. Few are in favor and the rest are blaming and demanding to terminate the Chairman NAB.