Google Street View: Is It Safe?


Recently, Google has started a pilot project that allows users to look inside of shops and other businesses which could be found on the Google Maps. This new technology from Google is an extension from its Street View technology that let users view the whole 360-degrees of a place. Even though this sound technological such an innovative achievement, but when it comes to ground realities, it has caused a lot of controversy due to security issues and invasion of personal space.

People have complained about others trying to pry their every move. But Google has always given an option of not using the service by choosing to opt out. This time again the service is on voluntary basis. In Pakistan, this technology has not been allowed to enter as in many other countries of the world. The reason being such a technology taken as a security risk, both for people as well as for the states, particular where violence is high and streets are not crime free.


The technology, however works in many parts of Europe and in America. There too users have complained against the technology being there in the first place. Google does not intend anything malicious by introducing it to the public and believes that it could be used positively, especially by the tourists. There always seem to a moral question attached with an application of technology. The very same facility could be used by law enforcers and police to keep areas safe and guarded especially in Pakistan.


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