#Faceapp is Trending now – Experience your Old Age Look


You must have seen the old age edited pictures of celebrities on social media platforms in the past few days. You have seen the old age look of many people in such a realistic form which is quite interesting and trending these days. This is nothing so technical but a mobile application in which you can transform your picture into old age look or a younger look which are quite realistic.

This is an AI-based app named as FaceApp which does all the realistic editing and this becomes a trend on Twitter and other social media platforms.  This app has launched in 2017 but was not that much in use or famous, the reason it got into the trend list is its new filters and it gets more realistic now which grabs the attention of people. You can download the app and transform your existing pictures in many ways but all the filters and options are not free. But yes! You can use the age filter free of cost.

There are many filters you can experience in this app is you can change the hair color, change your normal face into smiling one, change genders, smile, beard, makeup, and glasses look, make yourself younger and older too. The older filter is quite realistic on the other side younger is not that realistic comparatively.

However, you can instantly take a picture from the camera option in the app or grab the previous picture from your gallery as well and play with the filters. People have shared their pictures and celebrities pictures too which makes other people try this app and it became trending these days. This app is available on Android and iOS both you can download by clicking on to the link Android or Apple.

Moreover, before allowing the permission to access the gallery of your mobile you must ensure your privacy. You must try this trending app and share your interesting pictures with your friends and family.

Let’s have a look at some pictures on social media: