Video Games Increase Creativity in Children


Since playing video games is not only fun and addictive for kids, but they also get to have a time off from their regular routine of work from school, a new study is there to support their fun addiction with video games. A lot of parents complain about their kids not getting enough physical exercise as they just tend to sit at one place playing video games, but their brains are actually getting a very healthy flow of blood and imagination. Hence, video gaming is a very healthy mental activity for kids.

Creativity has taken human civilization to many places and video gaming is just one of many ways in which kids can enhance their creative muscles. The research regarding this view has been published in Computers in Human Behavior journal under the Michigan State University’s Children and Technology Project. This creative potential is increased equally in both girls and boys of younger ages. videogame other technology uses that were put to test, video gaming led all else in generating imaginative capacity the most.


Many a times, for those kids who don’t have video games available at their own homes, they tend to go and share video gaming time at their friend’s or at some local place of gaming arcades. Video games are available a plenty in Pakistan and kids here are as much into video gaming as anywhere else in the world. The only thing which is lacking here is national level video gaming contests which often take place abroad and are now becoming something of an international competing events annually.


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