10th (PAA) Pakistan Achievement Awards International 2019| Details


Vote your Favorite Hero & Make Him/Her the Winner of PAA International 2019!!!

The Pakistan entertainment industry has many legendry personalities in it. All these legendary persons are famous for their contribution and efforts that they made in this industry and also raise this industry in international level. All the categories like music, showbiz, film and drama is nominated in it. The people related to all these categories are also nominated for the 10th (PAA) Pakistan Achievement Awards International 2019. The upcoming 10th (PAA) International 2019 would be take place on August 18, 2019 in London. All the nominate personalities are also announced and now you need to vote your favorite hero.

Here is a goof news for all the Pakistani stars who worked hard and make their name in this industry. In the support of all these the 10th Pakistan Achievement Awards International 2019 has been launched that would be held in London on Sunday 18th August 2019.

Purpose of PAA:

The main reason behind this Pakistan Achievement Awards International is that it is a tribute to the legends who are not with us anymore. In the recent years, this award was also held to pay a tribute to all of them who are not among us and to tribute to their services that they made in our industry. It is also a way that we can’t forget them and also their work which they made for the risen of our industry not only among our citizens but also at international level. The Pakistan Achievement Awards International supports the following categories of our industry as:

  1. Music
  2. Showbiz
  3. Film
  4. Drama

The legendary late stars of our industry and the new and fresh faces are also nominated for this award. Here is the most talented and skilled Imran Ashraf is also nominated as famous Pakistani actor due to his best performance in his dramas.

In order to win your favorite actor, musician, actresses, model etc. you only need to vote for your favorite heroes.

This Pakistan Achievement Awards International 2019 is held by the support of Samara Events in UK, ARY Network, ARY News, ARY Films, Lollywood Entertainment and Page 3 Magazine.