Sales Promotion Tactics: How Companies Cheat You


Sales promotion is this the one of the important factor in marketing mix and plays a vital role in helping advertiser to stay in touch with customers. By using sales promotion,companies can  give an extra incentive to buy a particular product.

In sales promotion company an offer direct inducements that enhance the basic value of a product for limited time. One inducement might be offering a lower price, money back offers, price promotions and price packs.

In Pakistan different companies use different technique for sales promotion. But many of them cheat with customers for just to increase their sales using different tactics.

Here we are quoting the example of “DETTOL SOAP” which are manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Ltd. Now a days , in many stores shelves  are filled with ”Banded Pack” of dettol soap. Banded Pack means product are being sold together at two or more units and company claim for lower price of that unit and give you incentive if you buy it together. But here is the trick how they make you fool in some cases and how they play with words.

In Banded Pack of 3 units of DETTOL SOAP,  offering you to save Rs.30 and you purchase it in just Rs.100 but if you go for 1unit of soap it cost you Rs.43 of 115 gram and for three units it costs you Rs.129.dettol

But here is the secret for this, In single unit of large pack of DETTOL SOAP is packed with 115 Grams of net weight and in BANDED PACK of three units it packed with the net weight of just 100 Grams of 1unit.

Yes, this is how the companies treat you, they smaller the size and show you that you saved Rs.30,but in actual you saved nothing.You are paying just for what you are getting and they are doing business.

This is just one example and there are many more in which companies use different tactics to cheat with their customers and of-course to  increase sales which at the end leads them for more revenue.


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