A Deadly Drug ‘ICE’ Takes another Life of a Young Girl


ICE is the short form of a drug name Crystal Methamphetamine which is so much in use these days among youngsters of Pakistan. What this drug actually does is, it speeds up the message traveling between the mind and the body and which makes the user more active and efficient for a specific time. This drug also called as speed because it usually speeds up thinking and brain plus also called shabu, crystal, glass and crystal meth.

However, this deadly drug, unfortunately, took another precious life of a young girl who was addicted to it and took the extra dose of ICE and ended up in a tragic death. 30 years old girl Farheen Taji who was a model found dead in District Central, Karachi due to the overdose of crystal myth.

A man named Khurram Sultan has been arrested while disposing of the body of Farheen. He confessed that he tried to dispose of the body with the help of two friends but he didn’t kill her. Khurram narrates the whole story of the incident in which it admitted that both of them are addicted to ICE but Farheen was the regular user and he barely took few puffs. He said he found her blue and breathless but he didn’t get the guts to take her to the hospital because he knew she is already gone.

Her body is under the postmortem procedure which would elaborate the whole story because the investigators found struggle marks on her body too. Check out the whole story in this video.

What ICE does to you?

It speeds up the brain and body which is the reason that youngsters and students are mostly involved in this drug. It increases the alertness and energy, gives pleasure and confidence, reduces appetite, increases heartbeat, and dries the mouth, itching, scratching and excessive sweating.

Its usage may cause, heart attack, uncontrolled jerking, chest pain, confuse severe headaches, unconsciousness or death. The long term use of ICE may lead you to depression, breathlessness, restless sleep, extreme weight loss, heart and kidney problems, stroke and dependence on ICE.

Have you ever used it or you are a regular user? Must go through to this incident and beware of this deadly thing as it may lead you to the tragic death.