Meesha Shafi Uses False #MeToo Campaign – PM’s Nephew Hassaan Niazi Claims


Meesha Shafi the singer might not be that much popular earlier but due to the controversy with Ali Zafar, she often being in limelight. Meesha Shafi claimed that Ali Zafar has been harassed her and sue him in court too and involved in the #MeToo campaign which Ali Zafar denied and the case is still in court.

Well, that was the background of #MeToo campaign of Meesha Shafi, but she again gets into the headings and the game has not been ended yet. The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan’s nephew Hassaan Niazi who is a lawyer by profession claims that Meesha Shafi threatens him to use #MeToo campaign against him and blackmail him through texts.

Hassaan Niazi tweets that Meesha is using women card and misusing this campaign to blackmail people and for personal point-scoring. He tweets, “Meesha team hits a new low. Sending me threats of MeToo campaign against me. Typical Ayesha Gulalai mindset in community, which damages the metoo campaign for their personal point-scoring. Let me make it clear, blackmail me and I will expose u more.”

He said that her threats would not scare him and she is using cheap tricks to get foreign funding and he shall too expose her. He tweeted again, “No threats, no Misuse of MeToo, no blackmailing can stop me from speaking my heart out. Genuinely disappointed with Meesha Shafi for sending me threats – I never doubted her cause. Seems like the users around her are using her to get clients funds or whatever they want #metoo.”

On the other side, Meesha totally denies the claim and tweeted that she hardy know Hassaan Niazi, she tweet, “Hain? Don’t think I’ve ever met this guy and neither am I accusing him of anything. Although he did inbox me for an RT last year. Don’t remember if I responded. Do remember that I didn’t RT.”

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