Jazz 4G Packages 2020|Daily, Weekly & Monthly


Jazz 4G packages are available in abundance to all consumers around the country. Jazz is Pakistan’s favorite Telecommunication company. As the largest telecommunication company in the country, Jazz consistently brings forward new packages and offers to its consumers. Their daily, weekly and monthly packages for their prepaid and postpaid customers are considered to be the best in the market.

While the 4G weekly packages are good enough to tide you over for the whole week, the Daily Peak and Off-Peak package is great streamers who want internet for their nightly YouTube and TikTok streaming. If you are looking for a monthly package, then the Jazz monthly Supreme will give you access to 20GB so that you can enjoy fast speed internet for the whole month without worrying about running out.

jazz internet packages

Jazz Prepaid 4G Packages

Jazz offers a wide range of 4G packages to its consumers. You will have the option of daily, weekly and monthly packages to choose from. Jazz 4G internet service is awarded to be the fastest mobile internet service in Pakistan for a reason. The Jazz internet packages 4G and 3G users enjoy various active Jazz internet packages that are being offered to both postpaid and prepaid customers.

Here are the details of all daily, weekly and monthly packages that are being offered by Jazz in 2020.

Daily Jazz 4G Packages

Daily packages are perfect for the occasional internet user. These packages are perfect for people who want to remain active on social media and share their current activities with their friends. The packages available have ample data for you to post pictures, share videos and have fun on all social media platforms.

The daily packages by Jazz are:

Daily Browser

PriceRs. 11.95

Daily Social

PriceRs. 7

Daily Social Recursive

PriceRs. 5.98

Daily Peak Off-Peak

Data100MB + 1.1GB in Off Peak
PriceRs. 24

Weekly Jazz 4G Packages

The Jazz internet packages weekly are great for people who don’t want to go through daily activation process. Getting the weekly bundles is convenient and perfect for data users who need more data to use, bit don’t want to spend too much money on their packages. The Jazz internet packages weekly can get you as much as 20GB data for the whole week.

The weekly packages by Jazz are:

Weekly Social

PriceRs. 70

Weekly YouTube Offer

PriceRs. 80

Weekly Premium

PriceRs. 147

Weekly Mega

PriceRs. 200

Weekly Mega Plus

PriceRs. 250

Weekly Streamer

PriceRs. 95

Monthly Jazz 4G Packages

The Jazz internet packages monthly data users have plenty of options to choose from. These users can invest in the Jazz Monthly Supreme bundle and get access to 20GB data for the whole month and enjoy fast internet without the worry of running out of internet.

The monthly packages by Jazz are:

Monthly Browser

PriceRs. 215

Monthly Mega

PriceRs. 375

Monthly Mega Plus

PriceRs. 300

Monthly Supreme

PriceRs. 444

Jazz Postpaid Monthly Packages

There is a little something for the postpaid users as well. The postpaid users don’t have much variety in terms of packages, but you do have the option of monthly internet packages by Jazz. The following are the 4G packages for postpaid consumers.

Monthly Streamer2 GBRs.250
Monthly WhatsApp5 GBRs.75
Monthly Premium5 GBRs.500
Monthly Supreme14 GBRs.800
Monthly Super24 GBRs.1,020
Monthly Ultimate50 GBRs.1,870

The Jazz 4G Packages are considered to be some of the best in the market and consumers trust Jazz to bring the best service. For more information, you can also visit their website. Jazz promises to deliver the best packages in best prices to their customers. Their 4G internet is considered the fastest in the country and customers will vouch for that. However, before you activate any package, make sure you check the terms and services. Also ensure that you have enough balance to activate the bundle of your choice.