Federal Government Plans to Ban Plastic Bags Officially on Independence Day


Well, the ban on polythene bags is the hot topic these days and no one is unaware of the side effects of plastic bags. We definitely should be aware of that polythene bag has a huge environmental threat as well as it too has the health hazards. The government is committed to the new step towards the environment and plans to officially ban plastic bags at Fredral level across the country.

Minister of Human Rights and Ministry of Climate Change mutually decided that plastic bags would be officially banned from 14th of August. As initially, the plastic ban was only for Islamabad Capital Territory then extended at Federal level.  The ban on plastic bags and bottles is the most important need of this time as it has dangerous effects on health, environment, and climate change and for animals.

While addressing an event the State Minister of Climate Change Zartaj Gul said, “We need to discourage the use of plastic and polythene bags not only at official level but also at domestic level and for this purpose we need to educate our society about the hazardous and destructive effects of polythene bags.” She further continues, “It is a call of time to switch to alternative resources and to do away with the habit of using plastic and polythene bags.”

The Ministry said that it is going to ban at the Federal level but it should also be practice at domestic level and masses to use cotton bags as an alternative to plastic bags. She said, “Five thousand cotton bags had been distributed amongst employees of the federal government and more are being procured for distribution in weekly Bazars and other markets free of cost.”

Unfortunately, Pakistan ranked 7th in the list who are affected due to natural disasters and plastic bags and items are one of the reasons for environmental disasters. Setting a ban is undoubtedly the best and constructive step for the safety of the environment and human being and this is the responsibility of each citizen of Pakistan for safe and better future.