Upcoming Buraq Cab is going to Introduce Amazing Services in Pakistan


The Chinese company is going to launch its cab or taxi service in the major cities of Pakistan. The launch will be on the 10th of August and the company is set to compete for the giant operating services Careem and Uber. The Chinese company name Timesaco has amazing services to attract people.

Initially, the company is going to introduce only in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faislabad, Peshawar, and Rawalpindi. The CEO of Timesaco company Donald Li said that after the positive response we will extend our services to other cities too.

Services they are going to provide:

To compete with the existing services they have planned to offer new and amazing services to attract and facilitate people which includes.

•    Heavy cargo delivery

•    Orders delivery

•    Taxi services

•    Moving Automated Teller Machines (ATM)

•    Vehicle advertisement facilities

Well, they have added new and amazing services which surely will attract people. The interesting and unique part is that they would offer special discounts to professionals which include teachers, army personnel and students. Moreover, in the beginning, they will also offer a 10% discount for the ride to any educational institute, marriage halls, and health centers.

Additionally, they also have amazing offers for drivers too, according to CEO, interested people can apply and register their vehicles with the company with no preconditions and get amazing offers. Buraq will only take 2% of their earnings and they will get the rest of 97% of their income. The remaining 1% would be used to develop the Driver’s club and would facilitate their families with health and education. Interested people can register their cars, bikes, pickups, rickshaws, trucks, and loaders whatever they have and use their vehicle according to the services.

The users can download the Buraq app from the Google Play Store and avail the services of delivery, transportation, cargo, and bank transactions. These new services would not only facilitate people but also increase the employment opportunities for the citizens. CEO Donald Li said that the company has initially invested only $20 million and would increase it with $600 million.