Upcoming Drama “Jhooti” Features Iqra Aziz and Ahmed Ali as a Couple


The upcoming drama serial “Jhooti” which has been directed by Ramish Rizvi will be on air soon. In this upcoming drama, the talented and famous actress of Rajah Ranjha Kardi drama serial Iqra Aziz and the Jawani Phir Nahi Aani film’s actor Ahmed Ali will be seen as a married couple. Iqra Aziz is a well-known actress now and has a huge fan following due to her excellent performances in past projects. People are anxious about the on-screen chemistry of these two as they have never been seen before together.

The title of the drama Jhooti is based on the behaviors and nature of the actress Iqra Aziz who is the wife of a middle-class man who has lying nature. The storyline of the drama is quite unique and interesting which makes people anxiously waiting for it.

The Storyline of Drama Jhooti:

This story revolves around the middle-class husband and his liar wife. Her lying behavior on every matter affects everyone around her. The role of Ahmed Ali is quite serious who is frustrated from his life and an obsessed liar wife. While talking to media Ahmed Ali shares a storyline of this drama, he said, “Nasir, a middle-class working man who gets married to a compulsive liar played by the talented Iqra Aziz. The story goes much deeper into their relationship, of her character and how everything and everyone gets affected by her behavior.”

He further continues, “The play is about a typical Pakistani girl and how she dreams of a better life. However, the route she takes is based on the web of lies”. He added, “Explore the character of Iqra and her compulsive lying behavior. There are some major shockers in the play and how my character is impacted by them.”

Yasir Hussain, Asma Abbas, and Madia Rizvi have also been featured in this drama and this amazing and talented cast is making this drama serial more interesting. Let’s see when it is going to be released and what will be the responses of the public.