Meta Brings Together Pakistanis Online For Eid Holidays In Pakistan


On Eid al-Fitr, loved ones gather regardless of distance, but it shouldn’t stop anyone from celebrating Eid holidays in Pakistan. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is offering to help Pakistanis interact and express their happiness online during this particular occasion. Not only that, but they go above and above by working to build community all year round.

Greetings with WhatsApp Stickers

A new sticker set for WhatsApp makes it more enjoyable to send well wishes and check in with friends and family. These Eid stickers are available in Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, so you may express your warmest wishes in a language that everyone knows.

Offering Eid Style Support to Local Businesses

Instagram stars Osamah Nasir and Ayla Adnan, who are well-known in Pakistan for their fashion sense, are promoting Pakistani labels on the platform as Eid shopping gets underway. Through the display of their beautiful Eid collections, they are urging their followers to patronise local companies like as Moosajee and House of Aamna Aqeel. Plus, Instagram Stories has Ramadan-themed layouts to help you capture all the #MonthOfGood moments.

Eid holidays in Pakistan

To that end, WhatsApp’s new Urdu sticker collection is a nice addition. Nevertheless, Meta’s enchantment extends far beyond simple welcoming. Imagine an Iftar gathering where relatives can swap recipes and culinary techniques in real time over video chat. All sorts of topics, from the most beautiful mehndi patterns to mouthwatering dessert recipes, might be discussed in Facebook groups devoted to Eid traditions and celebrations.

Sustaining Local Businesses

It is great that Meta supported Pakistani fashion designers during the Eid holidays in Pakistan. Now the question is, how about highlighting the dynamic talent all year round? Consider a Facebook Marketplace or Instagram area that features local craftsmen, such as those who make jewelry by hand or sell traditional apparel. To further encourage local businesses, consider partnering with Pakistani influencers to conduct online fashion exhibitions or live Q&A sessions with designers.

Though the #EidMubarak surprise on Threads is thrilling, imagine the wonder if such interactive elements were available all year round! Consider Islamic history quizzes with a gaming twist or patriotic picture filters for Independence Day. These features could captivate consumers and also act as educational resources, particularly for younger users.

Fostering Unity

One encouraging development is Meta’s plan to prioritize internet access during Eid. Equally crucial, though, is thinking about how these channels may encourage year-round cultural exchange and a feeling of community. Online forums for interfaith conversation, philanthropic projects, and social issues could bring Pakistanis closer together.

Good luck on Eid! Let us rejoice in the communal spirit in our online and offline lives. It is possible to build a dynamic online community that showcases the diverse Pakistani culture by using Meta’s capabilities and pushing them to their limits.